About the program

M-Body Motion is a program where physical and psychic component of the exercise is activated, meaning that it belongs to the body & mind programs. The workouts are complex and their goal is mobility, stabilization, strengthening and flexibility. The main features are fluidity and large number and variety of exercises which have their base in yoga, Pilates and gymnastics. At the basic level program corrects posture, shapes and strengthens muscles, and one foot is always on the ground, while at the advance level the program also affects cardio-respiratory training system by raising pulse with controlled jumps. The exercises are designed to enable you to use your own body as well as the other props that are common in workout programs, such as: softball, toning balls, workout rods and straps (TRX), balancing pods, rings and gymstick.

M-Body Motion comes in basic and advanced level and it is therefore suitable for every age and gender. What differs M-Body Motion from other fitness programs is a large number of complex and fluid exercises and greater amplitude of motion. Most of these exercises are preformed in standing position and all movements are controlled. The program is targeted towards the stabilization of the joints to avoid muscular imbalance and compensation. At the same time the program helps to those who, because of their way of life, have insufficient or uneven movement by correcting their posture and introducing new patterns of movement and strengthening of the surrounding muscular structures. M-Body Motion can also be implemented in trainings for professional athletes, in the form of injury prevention and targeted access to specific body regions, depending on the type of sports and the athlete’s needs. Practice has shown that M-Body Motion reduces or completely relieves the pain in the spine, knee, hips and shoulders. The final result is enviable physical appearance and well-being.


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