Perfect body beach in one day

There is no beach body. Each body is beach body. With the spring begins the period when we have an increased need for movement. We should listen to that feeling and get moving. With this article I want to address all those enthusiast who decided to start working out and build “beach bodies” two months before the summer. Our job, as coaches, is to change the awareness and make people realize that building “beach body” should be the motivation to start thinking diferently.

A year has 12 months, you cannot decide to work out only 2 months before the summer and expect big changes. Do you really think that is enough? Enough to provide positive results on your body? Do you think that the amount of invested and expected is just? Of course not!

You should take care of your body all 12 months of the year and only then you have the right to ask fot the results as a reward. When we are talking about the “reward” there are much more positive changes happening to your body after you decided to move, and “beach body” is only one of them. In the most cases, such enthusiasts in 2 months shock their body with great amount of stress. They are happy or unhappy with what they have done and then they stop working out because, well, sumer is here.

The same as there is no beach body, there is also no magic formula to healty and beautiful body. So “3 weeks till perfect abs”, “2 weeks to rounded butt” or “1 day to Heidi Klum’s fit legs” just do not work. The worst possible thing you can do is to invest a lot of effort to get started, train and get exhausted for 2 months and then give up as soon as summer comes. Summer might be a period when you will switch from indoor to outdoor activities. Walking, cycling, swimming, surfing and other forms of activities that are more suitable for summer time.

The one thing you should never do is exactly what most of the people is doing, stop working out. The hardest thing is to get going, remember that everytime you want to quit. Laying down under a beach umbrella, drinking refreshing drinks and cooling in the sea is not the part of summer outdoor activities. One of the main principles of training is continuity that needs to exist if you want changes. When you have continuity your awareness of exercising is changing and you develop some kind of addiction to the feeling you get during and after a workout. You left your comfot zone without physical activity and entered a new zone in which you are active and ready for new challenges.

It does not matter if you will start 2 months before the summer or winter, what is important is to set a goal that you want to achive by working out and to be consistent. If you had a long break from exercising you should start slowly to adjust your body to changes and the body will returnt to you with the same measure.

Do it 4 U & your body will reward U!