Do we lose motivation for training?

I believe that every professional trainer met a person who, at some point, started to lose motivation for exercising. In that case, there is no simple solution. Motivation is initially what made you start exercising, and it is something that needs to keep you going. If you get back to when you first start training you can probably recall people telling you “’you just have to start and then everything is easier”. That sentence is a good motivation to start, but is it true? Of course not! It is not going to be easy!

It is important for your body to leave comfort zone and put some new challenges ahead of you to make progress. Managing training challenges is not easy, and the evidence for that is the fact that people are the most happy in their zone of comfort. Staying motivated for frequent trainings is a difficult challenge as the training process itself. As soon as you start saying “I don’t feel like it today”, “I am tired”, “It’s too cold”, “It’s too hot”, “It’s been a long day”, “I’ll go tomorrow” – it is time for the intervention and re-finding motivation. In that sense, one should ask why do I even train? When telling some of the most positive effects of the training people will usually say the satisfactory feeling after training, lost back pain, corrected posture, no more migraines, reduced subcutaneous tissue, more energy or good company. All these reasons and positive effects are the result of your training and you have to bear in mind that as soon as you decide to stop working-out these positive effects will change. Our body is given to us, and we have to earn it, keep it in a good shape and try to live a healthy life.
What can positively influence the return of motivation is new workout routine and type of training or changing the time in which you usually train, as well as the award after a number of training sessions you have completed or just a little break. It is obvious that fatigue can be one of the reasons for losing motivation, so make a break (training or two), but remember that the principle of consistency is still one of the most important keystones. Get back to the gym, terrain, path or a bike. Because while you think on giving up, those who have realized that exercising is a reward for their body, and not a punishment or a burden, are building a healthier future.


Do it 4 U & your body will reward U!