Do we lose weight at all costs?

There are many reasons why we decide to exercise, but one of the major one is the reduction of body weight. I love to say that the reason it is not important, that it is important that we have started. So, we started and that is great, however, I am having a problem while I think about the way people get started.
I often hear how, at the beginning, people combine different diets and workouts to accelerate the process of weight loss, instead of doing steady, more balanced and healthier process. Today everyone consider that it is important to look great no matter what, but this often includes starvation, avoidance of some nutrients from daily diet along with long and exhausting workouts and other actions subordinated to weight loss.

Imagine that you posses a car for 15 years and you are only driving on short relation, from your house to work and back. In these 15 years, you haven’t change oil, breaks, belts or anything else that requires a regular service (surely this car wouldn’t drive, but let say it is). Now, you decide to have 1000km long drive by 140 km/ph. Can you imagine what is going to happen? I am not a mechanic, but I guess you will not reach your destination. The same thing happens to your body. You can’t be inactive for 15 years and only move as much as you need to exist and then start with exhilarating workouts on a daily basis. I have chosen this example because sometimes I get an impression that people are putting more concern into their car than themselves. You can always change the broken part of the car, but you cannot do the same with your body.
Based on the published scientific evidences (Booth et al., 2002.) I will list several health conditions associated with physical inactivity: osteoporosis, sarcopenia, rheumatoid arthritis, back pain, coronary heart disease, hypertension, fibromyalgia, metabolic syndrome and many more. Regular and moderate physical activity can greatly affect all these health conditions and prevent them. By moderate physical activity it is understood that after a long inactivity your body needs to be introduced to the training lightly. Otherwise, you apply a range of micro traumas to your body, and those traumas leave a mark on your body, but you can’t change body parts like you would do with your car. Bone-muscular, cardio respiratory and hormonal systems must be ready for physical efforts you have foreseen for them, because if not, some parts of the body can loosen up. Maybe they will not loosen up right away because body can compensate for some time and has the ability to regenerate, but through time this will happen.

The purpose of this text is to motivate you on physical activity from all the reasons mentioned above. Reduce body weight by exercising and proper diet, prepare your body on the challenges ahead because otherwise you will lose a lot more – your health. People are born to move, and excess kilograms are the enemy, who bring difficulties that can cause a large number of health problems.

Do it 4 U & your body will reward U!