How much do we lie from 1 to Instagram?!

Admit that the title interested you in the article. I recently heard the saying “If it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen” and I really liked it. One of the main reasons for that is the fact that lately I have been trying to promote my program, which forces me to promote it on social media, mainly Instagram and Facebook. I am aware how necessary this is if I want other trainers to include my program into their work.
So, while I am trying to figure everything out and write my own publications, I am also researching the unfamiliar (for me) field of marketing. I must admit I was more than surprised when I realized how much work there is and the number of techniques that exist to attract a larger number of followers. I wonder if more followers means that you are a better coach? It is obvious that audience on social media are the followers, but do we all have the same goal and do the followers recognize it? The popularity is inevitable and justified if it is acquired by quality work and effort, and those individuals deserve an honest congratulation. However, the popularity nowadays is mainly focused on attractive photos that largely reveal certain body attributes. Does more likes mean bigger popularity and more sponsors? I wonder where the fitness industry is going and if all of this has went too far? We all like to show what we can do and how good we are at something. For example, I have ten times more likes on my Chinese push-ups than on any mobility exercise I have published, does that make me a better coach? Exotics before functionality? Of course not!!
We need to realize that if something is popular it is not necessarily good. These are mostly popular fitness trends that fitness industry is constantly releasing. I would specifically point out how we should not be guided by the titles that claim how we did not do a good training, unless we did not sweat or the fact that we transform our body fat into muscles. Sweating has nothing to do with the quality of training, and turning fat into muscles does not exist in our body as a process because body fat can be lost without building muscles and reverse.
Being a coach and a mentor for 12 years gave an opportunity to meet and work with people with different needs and desires. What all of them have in common is the will for learning and knowing their body better. Clients love to know what we are doing, why are we are doing it and how all of that reflects on their body and what will they get. Because all of that I am very satisfied, they care about their body and they are aware of the importance of work and progress.

There are excellent fitness trainers in Croatia and they publish their work on blogs. This is important and useful to read for everyone who care about finding out more about trainings and their bodies, how does it work in the active physical process and what happens to it at that moment. Human body is fascinating and I am over and over surprised by that. In my work I always find new challenges, and by attending and leading fitness seminars and constantly learning, I have discovered number of elements that have a positive and negative impact on the anatomy of the modern age people. In our body everything is connected, for example, the pain underneath the left shoulder can be caused by the inactivity of the opposite gluteus muscle in the movements that are his task or by foot massage we can bend forward better when performing the hamstring flexibility.

Everything we do with our body, including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, the body sums up. Every person is different and while some exercises have positive influence on one person body it does not necessarily mean that that will be the case with you. You need to explore your body and possibilities, do not be fooled by bombastic titles and beautiful photos in the media because they do not show what is the most important. Remember that nobody can assure you anything with certainty in such a simple way. The multitude of factors affect our body, and we can prevent it by taking a good care of ourselves.

We should be happy and satisfied if there is a possibility to change the way we have treated our body, to awaken and approve the quality of life. When we realize the importance of the right movement and its contribution to our body and spirit then we will be ready to withstand everything, even when our brain thinks the body can no longer do it.