The body posture

When we discuss the body posture we can conclude that we have not been born with the instructions that could explain us how to have a proper body posture or what could we do to have one. We also do not have a guarantee that there is a universal model of proper posture.
The word itself comes from Latin word positon, and when it comes to definition, it is said that the proper posture is the one at which the body is the least strained to maintain a stable balance. (Obradović, M., 2002.)
This is the position in which the body weight is equally divided on both legs. Observing the body in lateral plane, the imaginary line must pass through the middle of the ear, the shoulder joints, the hip joint and the knee, finishing in the head center.

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Now, when we mentioned all the ideal things, let us look at the reality. In reality, things are pretty different. There are a lot of endogenous (internal) and exogenous (external) factors that affect our posture, and hence the entire body. We know that the posture is associated on multiple levels (bones, muscles, nerves…) and any irregularity effects on creating new irregularities. What we can do is to influence on some exogenous (external) factors.
One of the health problems today is a bad posture, which is often attributed to the modern way of life. Fast living, stress, sitting for hours in the office and many other things affect our posture, even though the problem can occur even earlier. The overwhelming fact is that 20% of children enrolling school already have a bad posture, and by the end of elementary school this number increases up to 40%. Bad behaviors are created during a period of time, but instead of resolving the problem, we remain detained in his enchanted circle.
The position in which our skeletal system is located depends on the soft tissue around it and that is something we can influence, since there is no way to completely change the modern lifestyle.
Soft tissue can keep the body in the proper position, but it can also block it or bring it to another position. By moving, cycling or regular exercising (2-3 times per week), we can affect our muscular system, and through it we can also affect our posture and in this way try to accept better and more superior patterns of behavior for which our body will reward us.


Do it 4 U & your body will reward U!